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Advanced 1000 Profiles



The Spiritual Profiles on this page are available by appointment from The College Certified Spiritual Consultants holding the appropriate 1000 series certification(s).

OLA Profile

The 'OLA' Profile

This profile will help you pinpoint the main area holding you back in your Personal, Business and Social life. It Is designed to help you clarify certain present situations and organize for yourself the direction you want to take. 
1/2 hr. 
Prerequisites: None. 

1001 ABCD

1001-A,B,C,D.E: The Gifts of Prophecy, Vision, Intuition, Feeling and the Entrepreneur Profile

This is a 5 parts profile designed to help the individual understand the timing of his Business World in relation to his balance of Personal Business and Social. Respectively, the individual will be able to zero in on his prophetic, visionary, intuitive, feeling and entrepreneur parts. 
Each Part: 1 Hour. 
No prerequisites. However, each part must be taken in sequence after 1001-A. (B,C,D,E). 


1002-B: The Policies and Procedures of Life Profile

This profile helps you understand what your policies and procedures are in life. You will clarify your basic life guidelines and goals and how you are carrying them out each day. 
1 Hour. prerequisite: 1001, 1002-4 times

1003 D

1003-D: The Spiritual Compatibility Profile

This profile is designed for two people who desire crystal clear communication to develop a closer business or personal relationship. 
2 1/2 Hours. 
Prerequisites: one participant to have had 1001, 1002-A, 1003-A. Recommended: that both have experienced these profiles.

1005 A

1005-A: The Astro-Gift of Intuition Profile

In this profile you will search into your astro-gift of Intuition and how it relates to the areas of punishment and reward, neglect and attention. 
1 Hour. Prerequisites: 1001, 1002A. Recommended: 1002-B

1005 B

1005-B: The Astro-Gift of Vision Profile 

In this profile you will become aware of various facets of your visionary policies and procedures in perfectionism / realism, and rejection and acceptance and how they reflect your conscious thinking and unconscious feelings. 
1 Hour, $50. Prerequisites: 1001, 1002-A. Recommended: 1002-B

1005 C

1005-C: The Astro-Gift of Prophecy Profile 

In this profile you will search into your astro-gift of Prophecy and how It relates to the areas of over concern and freedom, submission and equality. 
1 Hour. prerequisites: 1001, l002-A. Recommended: 1002-B

1005 D

1005-D: The Astro-Gift of Feeling Profile

In this profile you will search into your astro-gift of Feeling and how it relates to the areas of health worries and relaxation, indulgence and common sense. 
1 Hour. Prerequisites: 1001. 1002-A, Recommended: 1002-B

1008 A

1008-A: The "Cycles of Life Experience" Profile

This is a personalized study to help a person realize his own life patterns and evolution as he moves from cycle to cycle. This profile can give you new ways to view the cycles you are headed toward and to anticipate the patterns of energy and feeling experiences you can expect in the future. 
1 Hour. Prerequisites: 1001, 1002-A

1008 B

1008-B: The "Cycles of Personal Relationships" Profile

This profile deals with a person's relationships with those who are close to him and seeing how these people have influenced his life. It will also help him gain a perspective of these relationships to be able to create more successful relationships now and in the future. 
1 Hour. prerequisites: 1001, 1002-A


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